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What you do with yourself when you’re bored

March 16, 2015
Game of chess

This is not an advice column which expressly tells you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. All it is is a motivation for keeping you away from boredom. There’s the old saying which has something to do with something unmentionable being evil and leading you astray when you’re idle. No matter who we are and even how strong we think we are, we are all prone to our sub-conscious vices which can spring to life unexpectedly when you least expect it and when you’re bored with your life.

Boredom is understandable. Most of us are so busy nowadays that by the time we have free time on our hands, the time available to us is barely adequate in the sense that we perceive ourselves into thinking that we must rest at all costs. And while we’re at it, we take care of the necessary as quickly as we can, things like preparing dinners and taking care of the kids. And then, when all is said and done, we collapse into our easy chairs in front of the TV and think to ourselves, well, at last.

Doing this so often, nightly, is bound to lead to boredom, right. And during this crucial rest and recuperation phase which should include weekends, we all forgot one crucial element of this. We forgot to recharge our batteries. Healthy or not, some of you will have experienced this sensation. No sooner had you collapsed into bed at night; you had to get up all over again the next morning and were still feeling tired. In the rest and recuperation phase, an affordable luxury it has to be said, the mind needs to stay active.

So, if you haven’t got at least one by now, that’s where hobbies come in. Luckily for me, blogging happens to be one of my favourite hobbies. I could list a few but time and space does not allow for all. This post will continue to personalise the need for taking up hobbies as the words flow. Of course, if you’re as passionate about blogging as I am, you’ll need to discipline yourself about time. I must admit that I haven’t quite mastered this but I’m getting there, mainly due to other priorities.

Such as working to keep the roof over my head. It coincides well with my blogging habit, so I always take time out, usually just once a week and on a Saturday morning after the housekeeping and shopping is done, to take a walk to the city library and gather in a few more books to sustain me during the week. I usually read a few pages in bed before I turn off the bedside lamp. The thing about this habit is that it is so relaxing that you can easily nod off to sleep.

I’m not a competitive road runner anymore, so to compensate for my body’s need to remain active, I am slowly but surely gearing myself to return to Central Park for at least one hour of the week. Apart from the exercise, there’s the green lung and the fresh air away from all the city smog. And I enjoy being surrounded by trees. It’s quite comforting. Could have told you more but time has run out on us. Next time then.

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