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Taking up less space is both modern and sustainable

September 2, 2016

There was a time in my life when I could say that I just had too much of everything in my apartment. I now know that rephrasing that statement to; I had too much of things that I didn’t even need, from the kitchen, to the bathroom, the bedroom and the living room. If I had another room, I’d probably fill that one up too. My dream, though, was always to have that extra room, big enough to use as an all rounder, if you will. This would be my study, library, work-shop and entertainment area.

I had to leave this post for a few hours last night. I was utterly blasted. Turns out that I had to be up early this morning anyway. Folks are supposedly coming over to view my apartment. And I’ve still made no progress on my own moving enterprise. I’m uncharacteristically indecisive right now and am trying to steady my ship by balancing my emotions and rational thinking skills. I’m deciding between Brooklyn and New Jersey. Previous posts have hinted at this. Brooklyn is looking less likely by the day. But the big draw card here remains family. There are other folks getting on in life, I can see them ageing and slowing down. Brooklyn is still very central for me both emotionally and logistically.

But if I’m to be as rational as possible, then to New Jersey I should go. My dilemma here is; too many emotions. How do I control these? Anyway, whether they are emotions, rational reasonings and practical solutions to home moving and utilizing new space, there are just far too many positives which I simply cannot ignore. But to try and stay with the theme of this particular post, many of the practical positives have to do with space and discarding things which this (ex) New Yorker no longer needs.

The kind gentleman out in New Jersey has enough storage space for me if I need it. But we’ll have to wait for his decision first. When I met him, he told me he still had to interview two other folks. I know nothing more about them and their circumstances. In cases like this, if you can set aside all emotions, it’s unfortunately still all about business. Now this guy simply told me that he doesn’t need the money. He just has one room standing out empty and thought; why not help someone who needs a bit of uplifting and a chance to start over again.

I hope to the nearby sea that I’m the perfect candidate. Let’s leave all the emotions behind and focus on the important need to save as much space as possible. The old saying still goes that less is more. I’ve never been a hoarder of things as such, just terribly disorganized. Now, what does this post’s title say again? Taking up less space is both modern and sustainable. Let’s start with the decorating imperatives and end this post on a high by sharing thoughts on sustainable living which, incidentally, is the way of the future.

The decorating imperatives
Go down to any home decorating store or design consultant in downtown Manhattan and you’ll see that in many cases, the minimalist style of decorating has taken root in a big way. Stylish inspiration has helped these decorators meet and exceed the challenges of not being exuberant with their brush strokes, toolboxes and furniture pieces. And going along nicely with this minimalist feature is the use of flat, square lines. And every piece of furniture, not much of it, obviously, has its uses. So, not only does it look modern and marvelous, nothing goes to waste and much space is saved.

Sustainable living
Decorations and practical functions having been taken care of, you should already have some idea on how the modern practice of taking up less space in your living room contributes towards sustainable living. With more space, believe it or not, there’s also more room to breathe in. No-body would have noticed this before, but think about how claustrophobic you may have felt in the past. Also, you can scatter a few small green plants in strategic corners of every room in your home and use it as a natural substitute to refresh your indoor air without having to use fans and air conditioners unnecessarily. Here, you are also saving on energy costs. And in the kitchen, serving as both a colorful decorative element and natural and healthy addition to your daily eating habits, always keep a fresh bowl of fruit somewhere prominent in your kitchen.

The way of the future
In case you haven’t heard by now, sustainable living is the way of the future. This is for all the obvious reasons that all the good foot soldiers across the world have been advocating for years. Because the world is still falling apart in all its corners – this is for those who still believe that the earth is flat – things are getting worse. Here in New York, we experience more severe storms and snowstorms every winter. And it gets colder too. Summer time is usually my favorite time of the year, ok, I digress, spring is, but if you’re living in Greater New York these days, even in Jersey, it’s generally a good idea to stay indoors.

It gets blazingly and dangerously hot out there. People drop like flies, some even die. The way of the future is also informed by our moral and personal imperatives to improve our health and emotional well-being. Thinking on just space alone, taking in your surroundings with the peace of mind that you’ve done the right thing all around, already does wonders for your mental health. In the spiritual sense you’re helping your neighbors too, particularly those who have next to nothing to live on. Also, you’re saving yourself time and money. Now, you can get on with your life and enjoy the space you’ve managed to create and save.

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