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Simply put, you need to be shopping wise

October 16, 2015
Smart Shopper written on a wooden cube in a office desk

Even if it seems late in the day, it’s never too late for an old bag to learn new tricks. But the designated writer of this post learnt a hard lesson in life and late in the day too. Fortunately, she’s far from being called an old bag. In conversation with a prospective landlady the other day, I happened to mention that my mission is influenced by having to start all over again. I’m not sure why she asked, but she wanted to know just how old I was. And when I told her, she exclaimed; oh, well, you’re still quite young enough to be starting again.

But I’m not going to be telling you just how old I am. These days, when I do go grocery shopping, I only carry with me one eco-friendly hessian bag. It may just be one bag but you’d be amazed just how much you can fit into this bag. And it’s easy to carry too. Month-end shopping, well that’s another story. It’s a necessary enterprise for a good number of reasons, each in their own turn good too. Shopping in bulk, if it comes down to that, I’m carrying at least three of those bags I’ve just mentioned.

I could have added another bag, but there’s a reason why I’m not. You see, I’m learning to be shopping wise. Gone are my shopaholic days. I can’t afford them anyway. And even if you could, think of all the waste. You’re shopping compulsively for things you really don’t need. And unless you’re an expert hoarder, where are you going to find the space to put these things now. You could still make space in your closet for new clothes, but then you’ll need to think of worthwhile causes.

Like giving clothes you’re not wearing anymore to those who really need it. Getting ready to move is a mission and a half. But one of the lighter jobs is going through all the books I bought compulsively over the years. Many of them will have to go and they are being packed into those famous bags I mentioned earlier and carted off to the Central Library. Many custodians are not happy about this, but the City is simply not providing the funds to buy new books.

So the die-hard librarians have put together a team of volunteers who are running a charity book shop. Spend time going through your cupboards like I’m doing at the moment. It’s a worthwhile exercise and for a good cause. In future when I do need new clothes, I’ll be buying in season and taking advantage of sales. Fashions come and go but there’s always something left behind that you might fancy and is now cut to a bargain basement price. Like cowboy boots with a good heel that will last the long walks across the city.

It’s almost time to go again so I thought I’d say good-bye to you from the grocery store. Here’s a lesson I learnt. Never shop when you’re hungry and always carry a shopping list of what you need only. Savings galore, I tell you. Finally, being healthy does not need to be costly either. Eating healthily you’ll be eating less anyway, and so you’ll be spending less too.

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