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Shopping, selling, saving then shopping again

February 11, 2015
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Shopping, selling, saving, and then shopping again. This serves to remind myself to keep a proper structure to the writing of this post and keep a check on what I have in mind to chat to you about today. Most of the writing, those who have read previous posts know this already, are written mainly from the point of view of one hapless New York city girl who, in the context of this post, let everything go somewhere unmentionable at some stage of her life. This could be familiar territory for some readers who may have experienced similar anxieties and/or traumas. It began just before the unedifying era of the prime lending crises and a world-wide credit crunch.

Back then, it was easy money and unregulated practices allowed many women to be tempted into accepting credit lines that, stupidly at the time, they did not realize could not afford. They bought more than they ever needed, thinking, oh well, what’s another hundred dollars, I only need to pay x percentage of this at the end of the month. Before you knew it, things got progressively worse. Money was as jam is to stale bread. Before, you couldn’t afford to show your face in pricey restaurants. And then you thought you could. With your friend watching on, you were visibly glowing when the waiter swiped your card and thanked you graciously for the tip. You were the queen of the night.

If you were a man, you were a man on fire. But your fingers were burning. Heads were turning your way, but yours was rolling, allowing your eyes to pry the next item never intended to be on your list of things you really needed. You began to feel the strain. This crazy habit was beginning to catch up with you. But, ok, you thought you could always just use your next card and swipe your way out of trouble for another month or so. And so it went on. And within the short space of a few compulsive years, not only were you back where you were before, doing alright and showing some promise, you were flat broke and highly indebted.

You’re a recovering shopaholic and now, finally, you’re straightening yourself out, hard going to be sure, and attempting to move on with your life. In many cases, women in these pickles need to start all over again. Changes have to be made too. It does not matter what age you are, this, my friends, is a change of life. I don’t know if any of you remember one lady I referred to in one of my earlier posts. Anyway, she remarked that I was quite young enough to be starting life all over again, scratching my way out of the bottom of a barrel in a sense. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help wondering about those folks who are, say, over the age of fifty.

What happens to them? Don’t they get another shot at life? I believe, of course they do. And it’s been proven. Many people are back on their feet again and doing quite well by themselves or for their families. That’s an important point worth bearing in mind. Where would you be without a supportive family? You’d need to answer this question for me and our fellow readers, because I don’t have an answer for that right now. Starting life over includes learning the art of selling. Who knows, there could be a burgeoning sales career waiting in the wings for you here. But in this nutshell, as you downscale your living space, you do need to make room for yourself and get rid of a lot of things that you no longer need. So why not sell some of these unnecessary items then?

In my case, whether I’m moving back to Brooklyn, out of the city to New Jersey, or somewhere else that I haven’t yet discovered or need to be, I’ll be discarding some of my things. Wherever I’m moving, living space will be a lot smaller than the luxuriously appointed Manhattan apartment I never fully appreciated before. Even if it wasn’t about the money and the need to save prudently, it makes a lot of sense to get rid of the junk. Whatever comes out of it in the process can always go towards the deposit of my next apartment or rooms. Or I could simply use it towards my new grocery shopping list which I’m altering to only include food that’s good for me and that I need. There’ll be no more tubs of chocolate ice-cream or large bags of crisps for this girl anymore.

Once things are settled with future rentals half what I’ve been paying up to now, I’ll have extra over to pay up outstanding debts and loans. But whether it’s only fifty dollars or a nice sum of two thousand every month, one thing that must be started up straight away is the management of a savings account. If you’re in a similar situation, do not delay this at all. Start straight away.

Shopping again
Well, I’m happy to say that as this post draws to a close, it’s been a successful venture for me. As you can clearly tell, I’ve never been an expert or disciplinarian where prudency with money, savings and shopping is concerned. But I like to think that I’ve been motivating myself and even giving myself a kick up the backside every now and again. I wonder though, if my post has been similarly motivational for readers who have had similar experiences as me.
It’s up to readers to tell us what they think. Finally, when things are settled for you, and this can be accomplished within months, you’ll be ready to go shopping again. But, please girls, focus on only buying things you really need. And all around, try to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. This stands you in good stead to make even more savings in the future.

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