Three favorite cities

July 19, 2016
Bosa, Sardaigne

Straight to the point, I have three favorite US cities in mind to talk about today. It’s quite possible that I may spend more time on this in a later post, but let’s see first if that happens. As mentioned before, while we’re trying to get some form of structure going, we tend to be too spontaneous on the best of days. So, whatever happens happens, and whatever we feel like talking about gets posted within minutes. The short conversation I’m about to have with you about this subject will be a mixed bag. Continue Reading…


How rock climbing can help you move mountains

May 27, 2016
Girl Rock Climber

I hope you enjoyed my last inspirational note designed to assist you in getting the most out of your daily or weekly fitness regime. The series of articles are written from the point of view of personal experience and are designed to help others to motivate themselves to greater heights. It is a case of the survival of the fittest and sometimes, depending on your extreme circumstances, it takes a while to get back into the saddle where exercise is concerned and you really need to face the odds and be brave about your business. Continue Reading…

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Eco-friendly hobbies worth developing

April 10, 2016
Da de la bicicleta

I’m setting myself a new challenge today. I’m thinking of my future. Some of you may recall that the writer of this post might be relocating to New Jersey. Because the viewing of the property happened so recently it’s still fresh in my mind.

Before I elaborate, let me explain why I think that this post may be a bit of a challenge. Even though I’m now a great advocate of environmentally-friendly lifestyles and sustainable means towards saving our environment, there are still lots for me to learn. And unfortunately, I do not yet practice what I now believe in. Continue Reading…

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Fresh and natural beauty advice you need to take to heart

March 15, 2016
Four kind of vegetable juices: red, burgundy, orange, green, in

I’m not a tomboy by any means, but I may be one of the lucky few who have never needed to plaster her face with make-up every morning or sit for an hour curling her hair before she goes off to work. I guess I should appreciate the fact that I’ve been blessed with some physical beauty, can’t say much about what’s inside right now, but, thanks to my mother, I was taught from a young age how to pamper myself in the morning and in the evening before I go to bed. Continue Reading…

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How to make friends and keep them

January 26, 2016
Friends sprot watching on TV, have fun, eat pizza. Friends to ea

This might turn out to be one of the most enjoyable posts I’ve had to put together for some time. Well, let me start again, no-one is telling me to do anything really, but one suggestion was made by one of our team members. She speaks from experience and seems to know what’s trending on the internet better than the rest of us. She simply suggested writing about friendship and such things. When I finally placed my bum on my chair to write this post, I hadn’t spent too much time previously thinking about the values of human friendship. Continue Reading…