into suitable, My Dailly Rituals

One woman’s historic rituals

October 29, 2016
People praying with buddha statue at Wat Worachet Tharam

Today, we take a fun-filled approach to rituals. We also compare it to the everyday matter of routine. We’re not about to preach to the converted but we found out some time ago that routine is both physically and emotionally good for you.

So, rest easy in the knowledge that you’re not ensconced in a boring, ritualistic life. And if you can relate to this right now, enjoy those moments while you still can and never feel insecure in the thought that something must change.

Inevitably, this will happen at some stage. But let it happen naturally and don’t pressure yourself into making these changes. If you don’t believe a word I’m saying, you’re more than welcome to do your own research on this. All I can do for now to motivate you to stay true to what you enjoy doing right now, whether it’s routine or a specific ritual, is to share some of those habits I’ve been practicing for the last few years or so (and have through necessity or circumstances changed).

To coincide with my own motivation, I can’t help having fond recollections of two rituals. They’re good memories for now because there were some changes in my life which led to me aborting them for both good and bad reasons. The bad news is that I’ve been so busy lately, I’ve not made any time for my daily walk. Today, I hardly call going hurriedly to the mall compensation for losing out on my time walking through Central Park. The good news is that I’m buying into sustainable living habits in a serious way.

This meant having to sacrifice my ritual of taking a good, relaxing hot water bath every other night, particularly during the winter months. I have to tell you that without the right heating installations in place, it can get pretty darn cold in Brooklyn during the winter months. But I also discovered how costly this luxurious ritual became. No matter how good we seem to be doing, gas and energy prices have a nasty habit of going up all the time. There’s a good reason why all of this is happening.

But I want to continue to wax lyrical about my favorite rituals, even if it’s now a distant memory. Let’s stay in the bath, shall we. If there’s any guys out there, please look away, I’m about to disrobe. I enjoyed the expectation of gingerly dipping my toes into the water before fully immersing myself in it. I covered myself with my favorite bath oils and bubbles and went off to work with the latest book I was reading. The candlelight was quite sufficient for this.

I surrounded myself with so many of them. I have about just enough space to close off with my other preoccupation. This is a ritual I must return to very soon. Not only is it eco-friendly, it’s good for mind, body, spirit, heart and soul. Maybe you aren’t as privileged as I am with so much open space, but Central Park is so huge, you’ll never get bored here, ever. I would vary my walking routines taking different routes and on different time schedules.

I have say good-bye now. So girls, remember what I said, keep up with whatever ritual or routine your body is currently programmed on.

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