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I would also argue that your own example of the woman bathing, the erotic intent there has nothing to do with the womans nudity - it is the explicit voyeurism that makes it erotic.

It was a Gala, striped and shaded from green to red with oranges and golds in between, nearly a full spectrum of color. Lesbian dress up porn. On the other hand If that were the case no man would ever be able to be a gynacologist. Naked photo of tabu. Is the "Birth of Venus" pornographic if shot as a photograph? There are some truly horrific images of hell and torture in which the erotic seems far from the artist's mind.

The reality is that the internet is full of nude images of varying degrees of "explicitness" Also we would stop learning new things I learn just as much about a horse from looking at it as I do from riding it. From Prometheus to Pornography is excellent--but Shattuck deals mostly with literature particularly Saderather than visual art.

A classical interpretation though would be that she is gasping. This was really the first time that observation and experiment come into play, and to do that you need real bodies - not just taking Galens word for it. So in a modern western interpretation of cupid plunging the arrow in above, the woman could be seen to be sighing - erotically.

But since I don't condemn the stimulating erotic, I can't be upset about the line other than wishing the country I live in was less Puritanical and dropped the censorship. I remember seeing that Manet in person in a museum when I was a boy, and that painting is some of why I grew up wanting to paint. In the case of Caravaggio's Amor Vincit Omnia I highly doubt the artist's intent was purely an extension of some classical ideal gleaned from Virgil At some level they both have the same intentions or speak to the same desires.

It's fine art when it's done well and unfortunately Puritanism itself has created a large body of very bad photography and art done to titillate. Of course the Venus of Willendorf was also a fertility figure The artist needs to focus upon what he or she believes in and then seek out that audience.

His own quotes are quite damning: Yes, actually--there are several differences! If you are a student, you can learn much from either nude or porn images-- if seeing the human body is what it is all about. Helena christensen nude pics. But at the same time I can remember going to the beach as a boy and nobody even seemed to think twice about seeing kids getting changed or paddling naked.

Which I am not even close, just I was surrounded by it all growing up. The "Page 3" girl in Britain is most certainly provocative Many professions do it everyday.

A desire for pure form, realism or whatever. But if I lived alone, I might easily hang one in my living room. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to discuss contemporary painting, without including the influence of film on contemporary visual imagery, as well.

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But then, I'm a single man. Big clit bodybuilder lesbians. Is the "Birth of Venus" pornographic if shot as a photograph? While the sexual features are clearly exagerated, I think it would take an awful lot of twisted imagination to turn it into some sort of marital aid or something the lads joked about on their way back from mammoth hunting.

I stared at that apple for three weeks, knowing it wouldn't be a full meal, knowing I wanted to eat it but that I wanted to draw it first because it was so beautiful. Of course there were complaints leading to various attempts at iconoclastic strictures about the "lascivious" nature of the various female saints, angels, eves, and "less than virginal" Virgins or so it was imagined as early as the Gothic era: I would also go much further and say that studying a lot of art up till probably the early 20th century without at least a minimum of classical literature, and preferably a lot more, is dangerous, which brings up Caravaggio's cupid - which is still very much debated over homoeroticism.

To ignore the erotic element At some level they both have the same intentions or speak to the same desires. I think that you can get something with both direct pornographic intent and exalted artistic perfection and depth of meaning in the same painting. JPG And Manet even employs a composition borrowed from a Renaissance print designed by Raphael in order to make the lineage plain as day: But the notion of the Greeks as the ideal for the representation of the body sans the erotic is quite off base considering the proliferation of erotic art and literature among the Greeks.

The notion that the history of the nude in art history is largely the history of some sterile abstract ideal form pushes credibility beyond what would seem to be the obvious. Manet is offering up a comment upon the subject of the nude and how the audience accepted something like two naked women accompanying two clothed male counterparts in a bucolic park setting when it is dressed up in the proper accouterments The urge to mask or deny the erotic content of paintings of the nude or literary narratives of erotic escapades strikes me as a prudish denial not far removed from the pathetic attempts of the church to rationalize the Song of Solomon as a symbolic expression of the church and the Lord.

So it is not an easy topic at all. Again the intent of the different works was completely different - to confuse them would be a mistake.

Which sort of jumps to the Renaisance with Masaccio getting back into female nudes with Eve. Of course the Venus of Willendorf was also a fertility figure Yes, there are cultural differences. Also we would stop learning new things But you are talking about a man who could also design St Peters Basillica as just one example. Fully nude strip clubs near me. Naked photo of tabu. Aphrodite arising from the sea foam would look strange in a full bathing costume.

That is the equivalent of confusing Renoir with a porn website. My own views are so strongly against censorship that they'd only be conservative in Sweden. The artist needs to focus upon what he or she believes in and then seek out that audience.

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Even if the artist were to create a work that is clearly and unquestionably erotic in intent That applies to modern and historical cultures.

As an example if you view Michelangelo's David purely in terms of art then you can come up with all sorts of homoerotic ideas. I have some ideas and I might start by copying some favorite masters. This is a very esoteric discussion.

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