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Go with buck naked if you need to get a good grade on something that is going to be read by some spectacles-wearing old professor somewhere, or if you want the longer tradition on your side.

I'm glad you laughed. Pics of sexy girls nude. It comes in an article covering the murder of a child, and the community outrage that ensued because The New York Post actually showed the little three-year old in a picture for the article.

Just read what he has to say about his marriage and baby-making plans with poor, innocent, soon-to-be-cuckolded Jennifer Aniston. Don't think that's not coming out of your cut. Butt or buck naked. Lightly clad blacks and Indians were commonly called "bucks" in the 19th century.

Of the 70 or so poignant and dazzling hubs I zero in on the buck naked truth of buck or butt. That will show them. So this is what scholarly Sacramentans do on rainy days, huh? TV that introduces a Liberian ex-general, who is known as General Butt Nakeda name he got for having fought naked at some point in his fighting career. Butt naked is slang. March 20, at 7: I wanna see you buck naked hrrrrhrnrgrhgrghrgh Just kidding: Of course, "buck naked" is the preferred term, probably meaning "naked as a deer.

Well, there's lots of time to work Aristotle in, Mysterylady. I think one of the funniest parts of this hub is the price of the OED! I'm sure I'll have a cow on the forums if all this work gets wasted because spiders are stupid and can't tell the difference between a smut pictoral and a research piece. Hot naked jocks. The real questions then become what the verb means there and how the horse took off his fur. Django Reinhardt 1, 8 23 Always nice to have someone keeping their minds on the day to day things as we dreamers tend to drift off.

As much as one would like to educate the illiterate populace and here I again refer to Christoph Reilley as a case in pointone MUST consider the mundane, such as base coin.

I'm pretty sure this qualifies as one of those fancy doctoral thesis thingies. I wish I had a Ph. The question can alternatively be interpreted to mean "which expression will make people think I've made a mistake, or will offend them for some other reason?

As the person who has inhabited the "name" Buck Naked for nearly 20 years as an underground DJ in my home town of Sydney Australia - I am keen to know whether people believe that this is better recorded as a word or a term. Where is their sense of tradition? I would also like to say I just chuckled at seeing Christoph's name in the same sentence with "illiterate populace" and "mundane. I swear I have heard it both ways but which one is right.

Not surprisingly, buck became a slang term for a male of the human species. You've researched as though it were a study of grand proportions, and with every nicety generously and perfectly accomplished! I can just hear the father of our country chomping his wooden dentures in agreement.

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To drive the buck: The OED entry for stark naked references sense 2 of stark as adverb, glossed as "To the fullest extent or degree; absolutely, utterly, quite". I prefer to give power to one word and say it with emphasis "NAKED" the word is so beautiful way add anything at all to it Check out the reddiquette page for more info - violations of any of those of clauses may result in a ban.

I love when ads appear that add to the joke. Naked comic porn. Being a teacher - of English, among other things - i loved your correction of the person who tried to criticize your knowledge of grammar. Even in huge venues such as the SF Chronicle's website. Butt or buck naked. I find it an interesting coincidence to see the term die out around the time of civil rights victories in the U. I suspect there will be some opinions that think so, lol, but, well, I'll deal sarcastically with them and pretend I am shocked!

Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. Before what you said, I would have guessed that "butt naked" is the form, and that it's supposed to say "the person isn't just without clothes, there's even indeed no underpants".

Maybe "butt naked" appeared in the lyrics of a song? Buck naked or butt-ass-naked. I've never heard anyone say that. The discussion doesn't mention "butt naked", but implies by omission that "buck naked" was an original development:. Aishwarya rai full nude. The chiefly Northern U. It's clear as crystal that the term is "buck naked" as in as naked as a buck deer, further reinforced in its usage by the fact that a buck-skin is similar to tanned human skin.

Now I admit, that example is almost cheating on my part, because the quote is actually Brad Pitt talking, and not the mainstream journalist. However, I am terribly sorry, but I must disagree with you on this. He said he was running around his house butt-naked, looking for his cassette player. I'll expect it like Inspector Clouseau expects an attack from Kato. All this slang slowly seeping into language thing is annoying in its glacier crawling into popular use. March 20, at 7: Paul Brians wrote to disagree.

Not that I can switch out butt for ass, as it does not rhyme with sass, but I'd still like to know for future writing I might do. Taboo nude photos. Answered Is the phrase 'buck naked' or 'butt naked'? Thank you for your interest in this question.

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I'd argue, but they're probably right.

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You'll also get three bonus ebooks completely free! Thank, William, that is an awesome compliment. MikkaQ Follow Forum Posts: Today, I hear people using the term butt nakedreferring to the same condition. Butt or buck naked. Big titty bitches nude. February 10, at 7: Although the horse could be a woman. Sadly, I don't think they did one on "buck naked", though!

I've been meaning to read this piece of yours for some time. Sexy girls in skimpy bikinis You say with confidence that "Buck" came first and use a graph to prove it Again, I am not declaring myself the keeper of English and diction, nor am I the person who can proclaim right and wrong regarding this term. An association with clothing, or the lack thereof, can also be made directly.

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Nude women rugby players As for bucking buck naked thing, I can assure you it can't be the cowboy being bucked by the horse naked.
Feed me your tits The idealised figure, in the Roman style — half god, half emperor, buck naked — is so heavy that the floor had to be reinforced to support it. Which means your original thought is the better one I believe, and the horse must have decided to be the naked one bucking.
American naked photo I find that the word "butt' is sneaking into a few too many words and phrases these days. But I'd expect nothing less from you!! Well, there's lots of time to work Aristotle in, Mysterylady.
Tits ass hot I stand by the decision rhetorically, and just grin and raise my beer at you and your you-ness.
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