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Courtney changes to some slightly more violent tactics, which is exactly how Jessicka likes it. The match ends with a Superkick to the jaw that lays one wrestler out flat for the three count.

But she soon finds herself in a tight Figure Four Leglock variation from Taylor with Cherry coaxing her to submit. Fat mature escorts. Angela fong naked. Rain really keeps her planted with more knees to to the head than we could count. Von Dutch does everything she can to humiliate the much stronger Darling, including her to walk like a dog as she drags Darling by her hair. Well then, Taeler gets her own back forthwith with an agonizing Abdominal Stretch.

Kay finally gets a big advantage over her more experienced opponent, primarily focusing on her left leg. A boot to the midsection stops the chatter before Athena takes two handfuls of brown curls to start a hair-raising beat down on her cocky foe. Two Bodyslams, but two kick outs. Allysin Kay vs Sara Del Rey The women exchange plenty of holds early, with neither competitor gaining much of an edge over the other.

Hunter protests on Su's behalf but is laid out for her troubles, leaving Sara ruler of all she surveys! But that doesn't mean they go easy on their opponents. Lui magazine nude. After Lacey locks in her variation of the aforementioned scissorhold and a painful Octopus Stretch right after that, Kristin is left with no alternative but to surrender the second fall. Soon it's one Superkick to the face that leaves both wrestlers depleted, but one with victor. Nikki tries to fight back, but the match has effectively turned into a 2-on-1 bout!

Darling eventually makes a comeback on Von Dutch, but the evil Von Dutch makes sure that her attack does not last long. April uses her experience advantage to gain an edge over Solo, working over her arms with a variety of submission holds. Jayme Jameson vs Taylor Made It indicates which way this match is going when Jayme inquires-rather intimidatingly-whether Taylor has gotten hair extensions. D'Arcy Dixon vs Mary Kelly Two relative newcomers face off in this best of 3 match up for number one contender.

Allysin transitions to get a Front Facelock and the two go back and forth. It does not take long for the aforementioned Ruth and a referee to enter the ring and they both demand a fair and impartial referee to call the action.

Will it prove third time lucky for Angela? But some moves you don't come back from, and one of our warriors is out to prove that point with a perfectly executed signature and a Rain attempts a quick pin to start off the decisive fall, but Hunter kicks out at two, then punishes Rain in the corner, tosses her across the ring and delivers shoulderblocks and a foot choke in the opposite corner. With the count even, Nevaeh extends her hand in a gesture of sportsmanship to kick off the final fall, then clubs an unsuspecting Nikki with forearms and stomping in the corner.

And as it transpires in this one fall encounter, that is indeed the case. However, a submissions only match makes their usually epic encounters even better this time around and then add in Lexie Fyfe as a referee and you could not ask for anything more.

April starts off taking on young Josh Hess who is fed a steady diet of vicious kicks, forearms, and turnbuckle smashes before being hung in the corner for a life altering Shattered Dreams! Leva even goes so far as to add a little fishhooking in her attempts to take the victory.

A slick reversal sees Madison get put into a Surfboard stretch only for April to get reversed herself! Ivelisse responds with some painful stretches and armbars, and a terrific headscissors that she maintains even after Shantelle tries to flip herself over to escape. Despite the best efforts from Shanna, Jessicka Havok quickly recovers and she stretches out Shanna with a few submission holds.

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You want back and forth action? Surfboards, pin attempts, a tough Camel Clutch, the Dutch Clutch, a Dragon Sleeper, a succession of stunners, and a nerve pinch take us to the exciting conclusion of this back and forth match. Girl big pussy video. Amazing Kong vs Brittney Savage A search for a missing phone leads to a dangerous confrontation.

The constant choking with feet, over the ropes, in the corner is broken up by brutal moves like a skullcrushing DDT, a Backbreaker, a Chokeslam and an over the shoulder slam that puts her down for the three count. And Kimberly is still not finished!! In the deciding bout, Rachel relies on her wrestling skill whilst Nikki continues to cut corners. A Camel Clutch, a Sidewalk Slam, a big leg drop This one's a total beat-down with Su putting up nary a scrap of resistance.

The second fall degenerates into a hairpulling contest, with both ladies taking shortcuts. En route to the proclamation, Del Rey relentlessly assaults the Supermodel by choking her on the ropes, delivering countless diving Headbutts, raking her eyes along the top rope, applying Camel Clutches and Hammerlock, and slamming Love face-first into the turnbuckles and into the mat.

Jayme Jameson vs Leva Jameson is a little thrown by the simian appearance of her opponent Leva at the start of this match-sporting an ape mask and exhibiting apelike behaviours is a sure way to confuse your opponent.

She hyperextends her foe's arms and shoulders almost to the breaking point and relentlessly targets her midsection as well. Xandra takes a long beating in this match as the trio of men beat her up for almost 10 straight minutes until Roxx gets tagged in.

Latasha takes the first offensive lead, focusing on Kimberley's leg. A rapid series of pin attempts—featuring a Sunset Flip, a pair of backslides, a cradle rollup and a small package—come up empty for both wrestlers. Angela fong naked. Try as the women might, the odds are just against them too much in this one and that is proven true when one of them gets taken out with a monstrous Backbreaker for the three count. An over the knee Backbreaker, but no tap. Xxx milf seduction. After a dizzying back and forth series of armlocks, Headlocks and tie-ups, they match muscles with a brutal test of strength that…also ends with rapid-fire counters that yield no advantage.

Darling gets the early edge and a near pinfall, but when she brings Von Dutch to the corner, the Canadian wrestler gets the advantage.

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Can Kimber Lee hold on or is a tapout inevitable? A modified scissorhold earns Astara the tapout and the first fall. After being put through some modified Figure Four Leglocks and being tied up in the Tree of Woe, Nevaeh gets dropped with some of Jessicka's most devastating moves, including 2 wicked Tombstone Piledrivers! Nikki scores with fearsome legwork by hobbling Jessicka in ankle locks, tying her up in double toe holds and rattling the ring repeatedly with mat slams.

Neither wants to be on the losing end no matter what the stakes and you can tell that their pride is on the line as they pelt each other with stiff forearms, punches and kicks throughout this match. Latasha breaks out an Abdominal Stretch, Snapmare and rear Chinlock. The rope comes back into play for a very beaten Angela, as she is left unconscious and tied to the ring post.

Madison Eagles vs Nikki Storm Both wrestlers prove themselves worthy during the opening exchanges as they feel each other out with punishing Headlocks, arm wringers, Hammerlocks and quick reversals. It is a much more aggressive Nikki that starts the second round and Chasyn soon finds himself much busier as Nikki repeatedly uses the ropes, closed fists and any other means, legal or not, to level the score. It looks doubtful that D'Arcy can continue!

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Big tits porn casting Judging from her one-word introduction of Amber versus her description of Brandi as 'the great and powerful and beautiful Brandi Wine', events might not transpire quite so fairly. Evie vs Chasyn Rance He can talk all he wants, but Evie isn't scared off by Chasyn's accomplishments. Allysin gets a string of submissions-a Full Nelson, a Surfboard stretch and a Camel Clutch-can Ivelisse weather the holds and make a comeback to take Allysin's championship?
NAUGHTY NAKED WOMEN TUMBLR The two ring warriors do everything they can to get the advantage over the other, but neither can keep an advantage for too long. Jayme has the upper hand at first, choking Taylor with her own hair, pulling it back against the ropes repeatedly and treading on it with abandon, cranking on a hair-assisted Camel Clutch and hurling her around the ring. But her hair may never be the same again.
Naked sluts with big tits Mia Yim vs Tomoka Nakagawa Guest ref Chasyn carefully checks the ladies for weaponry or foreign objects and once he deems them both clean, the bell rings and they're off. Nikki scores with fearsome legwork by hobbling Jessicka in ankle locks, tying her up in double toe holds and rattling the ring repeatedly with mat slams.

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