Juicing on the go

July 11, 2015
Healthy carrot vegetable juice detox cleanse woman drinking smoothie for weight loss diet at beach sunset. Closeup of fresh orange glass bottle. Juicing trend, raw, organic and cold-pressed.

This article is not so much about the practice of juicing as such but more to do with its esthetic benefits for those of you who are prepared to embrace it as a lifelong part of your daily health and fitness regimes. My take on juicing on the go is not at all what you might expect. As I mentioned to you before, I speak mostly from personal experience. And what my personal experience with practicing juicing has shown me is that, apart from it being quite enjoyable, it’s a highly convenient practice and can easily be slotted into your daily physically active activities, whether its rock climbing, visiting the gym or going on your weekend long run.

In my previous note on how rock climbing can help you to reach peak physical condition, I also made a note on the need to be adequately equipped. To that end, dietary and liquid requirements would have to be met. In fact, given the very versatile and pleasurable nature of rock climbing, small healthy food and liquid parcels can be packed into your lightweight backpack for your rock climbing adventure. In this makeshift satchel you will also be packing in your juice bottle. This is my take on juicing on the go. There’s just no letting up. Drinking a cool, refreshing and healthy juice can be enjoyed at any time, even while you’re at your most physically active.

Let’s talk about some of the other adventuresome activities that you could also partake in. Rock climbing does require specific techniques and you truly need to be in peak physical condition to be able to manage these. Hiking, on the other hand, can be far more sedate and will be enjoyed by the majority of adult men and women. It will still require you to do a little climbing every now and then, but you can select the easiest of trails to basically just go out and have a good, long walk for a couple of hours out in nature.

Straightforward walking is good for everyone on any given day, but to fully benefit from it physiologically and emotionally, you need to be walking for at least twenty minutes, non-stop, at a brisk pace. Walk fast until you find yourself struggling slightly for breath. Ideally, you will be choosing paths that are away from busy traffic networks and sidewalks that are always heavily congested. This free form of mobility allows you to focus on your body movements, stretching your legs as far as possible and swinging your arms to just under ninety degree angles in order to be able to elevate your walking pace.

It will also promote relaxation. An awkward gait is going to bring nothing but discomfort and can even lead to injuries. Like rock climbing and hiking, ideally you will be looking out for the appropriate pair of shoes. These days, rock climbing shoes are of extremely light weight with soft to hard rubber ridges on its soles to improve gripping abilities. Hiking shoes and boots have traditionally been a lot heavier, but these days, sports shoe manufacturers are more focused on light weight shoes that don’t lose any of its necessary arch support or comfort.

Walking shoes also need to have good arch support. Pronating or supinating can also lead to injuries after extensive bouts of walking. Everyone is different. We have different preferences in life. I’ll just use my own personal tastes in life to round off on the joys of regular walking for both fitness and pleasure. My preference is for all things natural. That’s why it was quite easy for me to become a proponent of home-style and healthy juicing. Juicing is all natural. Other than the tailored machine that you’ve selected for use, everything that goes into your juicing processes from the moment you walk out of your front door to the eventful time when you take your first sip of ice cold iced juice is natural. I always try to linger through such moments. I enjoy them so much that I want them to last forever and ever.

I could walk forever if I wanted to, but there are other activities in our daily lives to be seen to. I’m no different. I’m also busy like you. All the more, don’t you think to make your walk as brisk as possible? When those days present itself, I love walking through public gardens, surrounded by huge and elegant flora and small and always busy fauna. I love walking through the amazing nature reserves that our areas have been gifted with. I love shopping too, of course. What girl doesn’t? And when I do go shopping, here’s what I do.

I leave the keys of my coupe on the hall table and I leave my little coupe in its garage. And then I head off on my twenty to thirty minute walk to the nearest mall. By the time I’m there, I’m just about ready to cool off with another favorite fruit juice treat that I made all by myself.

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