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How natural eating habits improve your looks

August 16, 2015
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Some years ago at high school there were two brothers I did not much like. One of them was in my class during my final year. The other was a few years older and had already left by the time we reached our final year. The class brother did not take an interest in me, in fact, I think he despised me. The fact that he was the school’s head jock and I was a really good-looking and athletic girl did not instill in either of us the attraction of being a perfect match for the high school prom.

My dislike for this boy stemmed from his obnoxious and always teasing manner. He did not equate well to girls, even the ones he seemed to fancy. You could say that he was sexist and always regarded us as vessels for his own amusement. At such a young age the differences (and battles) between the sexes become prevalent already. For the purposes of this post, my interest is centered on this boy’s older brother. By the time he left high school, he was quite handsome.

And, yes, he was well-mannered too. But he did not always have those good looks. In his case, he had a particularly bad case of acne. His mother, if I’m right on this, took him from one dermatologist to another, trying to find solutions to his physiological and emotional problems. And, if I’m not mistaken, most of the chemical solutions that he was trying out then did more harm than good. I may as well mention that prescribed medicines in general, loaded with chemicals and harmful toxins, in this case, designed to kill the germs and bacteria effectively, have more side effects than you can think of.

That’s my argument and that’s what I’m going to go along with. I’m advocating a bold move away from too much reliance on doctors and specialists who haven’t fully investigated and appreciated the benefits of all the natural and wholesome alternatives which are all good for us anyway. And from personal experience, when recommendations in this direction are made, they always seemed so half-hearted and a far cry from the determination to get the patient to use the prescribed medicine first and foremost.
And then one day, this troubled young man started to look different. His skin was beginning to clear and was a lot less oily than before. He was also smiling a lot more. And then, after a period of weeks, he was looking absolutely radiant and quite beautiful. His skin was that clear. I wasn’t as shy as him but I still couldn’t bring myself to ask him how he did it. The solution, he said, was water. Drink lots of it. Not excessively and compulsively, mind you, but drink it nevertheless.

And where we are concerned, just thinking of the skin, wrinkles, body cellulite and so forth, we should practice the same habit too. There’s no need to rush off and go buy gallons of mineral water. Tap water, and if you really must, purified and kept cool in your fridge will do just fine, thank you very much. Would you believe it if I told you that drinking mineral water, while it might be good for your skin and body, is not sustainable at all? This is mainly because most of your favorite mineral flavors are all packaged in plastic. Also, tap water, with rare exceptions, depending where in the world you are living, has, in general, been purified and been declared safe to drink. And in some parts of the world, the tap water is now recycled too.

Staying with the important subject of H2O, the next few lines here remain relevant. It’s important for your skin too, and if you get this right, it helps to give you a healthy glow and put you on the path towards beautifying yourself without having to rely on expensive and unnatural make-up. No matter what arguments have been made in favor of its consumption, caffeine remains a natural born killer. I was going to mention another addictive substance but fortunately for all the right reasons, none of us practice this nasty habit. Anyway, too much coffee in the day helps bring on the wrinkles and the flab.

A wonderful and refreshing substitute for your morning coffee fixes, also alleviating the need to stand in long queues out in the cold every morning before you head off into the office, is a good cup of tea. Herb-infused teas and teas supported with a dose of lemon juice and/or honey are extremely good for your natural looks and helps you feel beautiful inside for the first part of the day. Around mid-morning or afternoon, you’re just about ready for another cup. Even the good-old fashioned cup of tea with a dash of organic milk (or soya milk, if you’re thinking of going vegan) works wonders. But, you’ll need to ditch the refined white sugar for good. It’s no good for you at all.

Still sticking with water, we now come down to what you should be eating everyday to help you improve your looks. More importantly, it helps your skin stay healthy and provides your entire body with its essential anti-oxidants and multitudes of vitamins. Remember the fruit that good mothers used to pack in their kids’ lunch tins for school? And remember how we used to ditch the good food in favor of spending our pocket money at the cafeteria which served our favorite French fries and hot, oily foods? They will remain memories because those days have ended.

Thankfully, new legislation inspired by the current Obama administration has seen to it that all school-going children are served with healthy, balanced meals, including fruit every day. And to close this post on a healthy note, remember, ladies, if you want to look and feel beautiful everyday for the rest of your natural lives, you need to eat fruit regularly every day.

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