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Home is where the heart is

March 12, 2015
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Initially, I thought I was going to be challenged with the writing of this post, but in a positive frame of mind I thought, no, not at all. I expect to be wracking my brain a bit towards finding new and creative ways to talk about the theme of home and living. And, thanks to the style of this blog, words are allowed to flow naturally anyway. Personally speaking, I believe that most readers would prefer this anyway. Unless, of course, they’re following some or another niche area.

For personal reasons, I’m more focused on the home right now. My mind has yet to be made up. I’m not yet sure whether I’ll be moving back to Brooklyn or starting an entirely new life out in New Jersey. For all the right reasons, I spend a lot of time at home anyway. And when I do eventually move, I would like my new home to be as heartwarming as possible. Because, after all, home is where the heart is. I think confidently that this post is going to be noticed somewhere in the blogosphere.

This also depends on how well our site manager is doing her work. But never mind that. What I was thinking is that the post’s title says it all. It’s a repeated phrase in conversation and because it’s so valuable, I don’t for one minute believe that it should be endangered as a cliché. In fact, I was sitting for a few moments thinking how to head this post, but thought, why not, I’m thinking along those lines anyway. I’m single by the way. And if there are any guys out there reading this post, forget about it.

No, I’m not in the market right now. I did have some thoughts on how to manage my new living space. Priorities having changed and life about to become a lot busier than before, I need to scale down practically. I do not particularly like chaos in the home and need to see things spick and span at least once a week. I don’t have the budget for hiring help either, and in any case, if you really take pride in your home, you’re better off doing your own housekeeping anyway.

Think about the sense of pride and joy you feel afterwards. Everything is just so. Even your green plants have been touched up with a little polish. My old father is a practical man. He said to me the other day; well how much living room does one need anyway. Quite right. And how about this? I’ve given this a lot of thought lately. When you think about how much inequality there is in the world today, you have to ask whether it’s not better for one large growing family on a shoestring budget to live in one large house instead of one famous celebrity living in a mansion all by herself.

I’m going to go on a tangent now because this represents a huge paradigm shift in my life if this goes through. It also coincides with what I mentioned about sharing living space practically, equitably and fairly. Not too long ago I posted an ad on the New York and New Jersey websites that I use regularly. It was a short, sweet but honest ad which explained clearly enough what I was looking out for and where I was coming from. Trying to be efficient and being as time-conscious as possible, I expressed a sense of urgency.

Just hours ago, I came back from New Jersey. It was nearly an all-day affair travelling out of town and back in again later in the afternoon. Anyway, this gentleman contacted me and said he had room to spare and some. Tracking his house down was easy enough. We got straight to the point and settled down into the room I would be renting if things head that way. It overlooks a lovely garden and a small swimming pool. The room itself is large and there’s enough storage space to pack away belongings that I won’t need right away.

I could almost build a mini-apartment here. There’s enough space to work in and I can still squeeze in my lounge suite and its accompanying accoutrements. And guess what; this guy has cable. Lots of channels too. But there are more important things to consider. This has to do with emotional comforts and a stable environment in which to work in. This guy has his old mother living with him and I think she already approves of me. Although I have to say that it’s not really her decision to make. And guess what, this family has a cleaning lady to help out every day, not just once a week.

I don’t really need help with my cleaning and laundry but it would be nice and I could spend more time doing my work and doing other things that I’ve been putting off for a while. I think I should begin closing this post off with my feelings about the post’s title. Whether you’re living on your own, with family or with kind-hearted folks, you should always consider your living space as your home and not just as a roof over your head. When house hunting, look out for qualities that matter most to you personally. Because home is really where the heart is.

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