For your own good; should you really do a 60 juice fast

June 6, 2017
Green Juice

Do you remember an earlier article we wrote for you on attempting a thirty day juice fast? It is still wracking our brains because the matter of fasting on juice for however many days, even just three days every few months, remains quite a contentious one at best. The main issue remains that of securing our health. Is going on a juice fast going to be safe for you? Never mind the questions for now, let’s try this one out for size. Okay, just one more question for you then. Just for your own good, ask yourself; should you really do a 60 juice fast.

In other words, can you go sixties days or two whole months without solid foods, all healthy and nutritious, while fasting on just fruit and vegetable juice? Another question; how will you ever survive this long. Okay, really now, really enough questions for the day. Let’s just give you a few interesting and hair raising facts we found on this contentious long term fasting plan. Of course, we can’t squeeze everything in, but you can take selected bits of information of interest to you and then do a search on the internet and read further.

The famous Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Yes, the title almost sounds like a zombie movie title. But let the facts speak for itself. Because this really happened. There was this guy who decided to put that all important question raised earlier to the test. For him, it was a case of desperation and he must have felt that he had nothing to lose by going on a sixty day juice fast. His original problem was acute but not uncommon to a majority of people in the world today. He was grossly overweight. He went on the juice fast and, yes, he lost a lot of weight. But while he may have been relieved to lose all that weight was he, at the end of it all, truly happy and healthy.

The greedy business of juicing

The hard fact is that while there are folks out there starving themselves and doing (sometimes) irreparable damage to their long-term health, there are others out there making an absolute fortune from the juice extracting and smoothie making business. And it’s not just juice making machines. You can never stop counting the number of weight loss pills they have invented over the years. And let’s not all forget the many books, online or in print, that self-proclaimed or ordained health and fitness gurus have produced over the years.

A reminder on what the juice fast entails

We did give brief details on this in our previous article, but this matter is so important it does need further elaboration. One news source revealed that there are effective juice cleansing or fasting regimes that can help people lose up to one thousand calories a day. That is a phenomenal amount in anyone’s book. We hate to sound suspicious but that does not sound altogether healthy. The detox or fasting program is restricted to just water and fresh fruit and vegetable juice. In order for the fast to be effective as a detoxifying mechanism, and organic, for that matter, the juices have to be unpasteurized. Unless you are prepared to spend an absolute fortune purchasing pre-prepared juice fasting packs, this all means that you’ll be making your own juice at home for the next two months. And will you still have the energy for all that hard work? Sorry, another question.

Some anti-juicing truths

Let’s not even go there. Let’s not discuss and debate myths. Let’s rather go right to the heart of the matter. Time has run out on us, so we can only leave you with one startling fact. Going on an extensive juice fast is not going to prevent you from getting cancer.

To juice or not to juice, that is the famous question

Are you still undecided? You need not be. You do not need to go on a juicing fast. You do not want to do lasting damage to your health. And everyone wants to be healthy. So, you do not want to lose out on juicing and smoothie making altogether. You still want to have a good time. And slurping on yummy smoothies is part of having a good time. Whoever said that eating and drinking and being merry is bad for our health should start reading up on juicing and smoothie making.


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