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Eco-friendly hobbies worth developing

April 10, 2016
Da de la bicicleta

I’m setting myself a new challenge today. I’m thinking of my future. Some of you may recall that the writer of this post might be relocating to New Jersey. Because the viewing of the property happened so recently it’s still fresh in my mind.

Before I elaborate, let me explain why I think that this post may be a bit of a challenge. Even though I’m now a great advocate of environmentally-friendly lifestyles and sustainable means towards saving our environment, there are still lots for me to learn. And unfortunately, I do not yet practice what I now believe in.

This habit is lame. My excuse before was that living in the city never provided me with the room and space to practice new eco-friendly and life-sustaining habits. Also, I blamed our busy lifestyles for not having the time to pursue new worthwhile habits which are ultimately good for all of us, never mind our natural and living environments. I had two hobbies in mind which I’d like to try out, particularly if I do move out to Jersey. The first hobby is green gardening and cultivating an organic vegetable garden.

The second hobby is crafting a strategy for the home and shopping lists in black and white. This strategy appears straightforward on the surface, but I think this is where some of my challenges lie. Also, it doesn’t matter where we live or move around, they can be adaptable. The strategy includes saving on energy naturally and using new cleaning techniques which don’t harm the environment and all its natural resources. It also includes devising a proactive but inventively used shopping list.

I would like to have a chat with our content manager about this next hobbyhorse. I’m sure she’ll be interested but whether her book of business is going to allow for this sometime in the future remains to be seen. We shall have to wait and see. Anyway, this great hobby is already being practiced by many women across the world. So, that’s now another challenge for little me. My challenge is always to try and come up with something original to say about a particular topic. Invariably, but only after a while, deep in thought, I get this right. What drives me to originality in content is focusing on my own personal thoughts.

This next hobby flows directly from those mentioned already. It’s the creation of a new blog which focuses entirely on subjects and themes devoted entirely to green living and the principles and practices that go with it. How to get there is another story. Much research is needed by this writer on a subject to which she is devoted but is still very new to. Right then, halfway through this post, what more can I add to my ideas? Are they any inspirational to you, perhaps?

Tell us what you think. What did I cover; shopping, listing, green gardening, organic veggies, eco-friendly writing. So, yes, the challenges are there, but there are also exciting prospects going forward. Not that it is a primary concern right now, but as a subject growing in popularity and interest, green blogging could become a bit of a money spinner. Content managers and publishers, surely, would be interested in this as a service to them and to their readers.

That leads me to another important thought on hobbies in general. Let’s also start with the important matter of earning your keep and making a living, mainly to meet your monthly financial obligations and provide yourself (or your family) with a good future. Unfortunately, and this is quite understandable, most people (and increasing numbers of women) deal with the matter of working as a laborious act of commitments and obligations and regard it as nothing more than just a job that has to be done.

Whatever happened to that labor of love? I must admit that I have been guilty before of just watching the clock and hoping that the time to knock off comes sooner than later. Ladies, in case you haven’t noticed, jobs are hard to come by. Now, the new business paradigm of today is wholly focused on entrepreneurship. As factories close and multinationals downsize for a whole host of negative reasons, new startups are springing up everywhere. What’s quite exciting about all of this is that many women who have gotten this far are now doing jobs they love, even if it only makes them a modest little bundle. It is still something.

Part of my roots lie in Africa. I can remember oral tales from elderly men and women who have been there or lived there as small children about the hustle and bustle on street corners. Self-made entrepreneurship all around. Deep-fried cakes, fish parcels, fresh fruit and vegetables, tailoring services and even fortune telling, you name it, each and everyone who is able and strong enough is doing something with their lives in order to survive. Before I get too far ahead of myself on this hobbyhorse, if you will, let me close with my thought on turning something you love into a meaningful profession.

Whether you have work or not, it is always going to be challenging. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Doing something you love and the exciting prospect of making something of it will, surely, get you out of bed a lot quicker in the morning. And probably before sunrise too.

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