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Three favorite cities

July 19, 2016
Bosa, Sardaigne

Straight to the point, I have three favorite US cities in mind to talk about today. It’s quite possible that I may spend more time on this in a later post, but let’s see first if that happens. As mentioned before, while we’re trying to get some form of structure going, we tend to be too spontaneous on the best of days. So, whatever happens happens, and whatever we feel like talking about gets posted within minutes. The short conversation I’m about to have with you about this subject will be a mixed bag. Continue Reading…

into suitable, Travels

From Brooklyn to Manhattan and back and the best time to travel

September 3, 2015
The high-rise buildings along Chicago River

I don’t quite know yet how this post is going to pan out. Because I’ll need to rely mostly on memory to regale you with stories on America’s iconic cities. Ok, let’s put it this way, while I’ve been living here all my life, please bear this in mind. The USA is one heck of a large country. Russia, by the way, is the world’s largest in terms of landmass. But most of that land is uninhabitable anyway. Unless you’d like to take a grim tour of Siberia and Chernobyl. And within the world’s busiest and economically successful country are over fifty federal states. Some of us say with great pride; long live democracy and the freedom of speech and all of that. Continue Reading…