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Simply put, you need to be shopping wise

October 16, 2015
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Even if it seems late in the day, it’s never too late for an old bag to learn new tricks. But the designated writer of this post learnt a hard lesson in life and late in the day too. Fortunately, she’s far from being called an old bag. In conversation with a prospective landlady the other day, I happened to mention that my mission is influenced by having to start all over again. I’m not sure why she asked, but she wanted to know just how old I was. And when I told her, she exclaimed; oh, well, you’re still quite young enough to be starting again. Continue Reading…

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Shopping, selling, saving then shopping again

February 11, 2015
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Shopping, selling, saving, and then shopping again. This serves to remind myself to keep a proper structure to the writing of this post and keep a check on what I have in mind to chat to you about today. Most of the writing, those who have read previous posts know this already, are written mainly from the point of view of one hapless New York city girl who, in the context of this post, let everything go somewhere unmentionable at some stage of her life. This could be familiar territory for some readers who may have experienced similar anxieties and/or traumas. It began just before the unedifying era of the prime lending crises and a world-wide credit crunch. Continue Reading…