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One woman’s historic rituals

October 29, 2016
People praying with buddha statue at Wat Worachet Tharam

Today, we take a fun-filled approach to rituals. We also compare it to the everyday matter of routine. We’re not about to preach to the converted but we found out some time ago that routine is both physically and emotionally good for you.

So, rest easy in the knowledge that you’re not ensconced in a boring, ritualistic life. And if you can relate to this right now, enjoy those moments while you still can and never feel insecure in the thought that something must change. Continue Reading…

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Fresh and natural beauty advice you need to take to heart

March 15, 2016
Four kind of vegetable juices: red, burgundy, orange, green, in

I’m not a tomboy by any means, but I may be one of the lucky few who have never needed to plaster her face with make-up every morning or sit for an hour curling her hair before she goes off to work. I guess I should appreciate the fact that I’ve been blessed with some physical beauty, can’t say much about what’s inside right now, but, thanks to my mother, I was taught from a young age how to pamper myself in the morning and in the evening before I go to bed. Continue Reading…

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The good habits of decent people

November 2, 2015
Woman drinking water after training

What defines decency, some of you might be asking? This in an era when many people, at least not many of us here, have become so obnoxious and downright rude. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no little old lady who tends to be a bit of a prude even on her best days.

I like to believe that I have values which, admittedly, are not easy to live by. I’m not offering this up as an excuse for my own shortcomings at this time, I’m simply saying that, given what we’re all up against these days, it’s not easy to be the woman you want to be and believe you should be. Continue Reading…

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Do you have quirky rituals worth talking about?

November 1, 2015
Praying hands of an old man with rosary beads

The question has been asked, because I’m a bit curious about this. Ok, call me nosy then. What got me motivated to write this post in the first place is based on the suggestion of our content manager and my thoughts afterwards. She suggested that we try to talk about rituals for a change. My thought was on the personal side. Our content manager didn’t give us any specific guidelines, so the idea was pleasingly an open one for us to explore. Initially, my thoughts were on religion. Continue Reading…

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How natural eating habits improve your looks

August 16, 2015
Cute little boy sitting at the table excited about vegetable meal, bad or good eating habits, nutrition and healthy eating, showing emotions concept

Some years ago at high school there were two brothers I did not much like. One of them was in my class during my final year. The other was a few years older and had already left by the time we reached our final year. The class brother did not take an interest in me, in fact, I think he despised me. The fact that he was the school’s head jock and I was a really good-looking and athletic girl did not instill in either of us the attraction of being a perfect match for the high school prom. Continue Reading…