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From Brooklyn to Manhattan and back and the best time to travel

September 3, 2015
The high-rise buildings along Chicago River

I don’t quite know yet how this post is going to pan out. Because I’ll need to rely mostly on memory to regale you with stories on America’s iconic cities. Ok, let’s put it this way, while I’ve been living here all my life, please bear this in mind. The USA is one heck of a large country. Russia, by the way, is the world’s largest in terms of landmass. But most of that land is uninhabitable anyway. Unless you’d like to take a grim tour of Siberia and Chernobyl. And within the world’s busiest and economically successful country are over fifty federal states. Some of us say with great pride; long live democracy and the freedom of speech and all of that. Continue Reading…

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How natural eating habits improve your looks

August 16, 2015
Cute little boy sitting at the table excited about vegetable meal, bad or good eating habits, nutrition and healthy eating, showing emotions concept

Some years ago at high school there were two brothers I did not much like. One of them was in my class during my final year. The other was a few years older and had already left by the time we reached our final year. The class brother did not take an interest in me, in fact, I think he despised me. The fact that he was the school’s head jock and I was a really good-looking and athletic girl did not instill in either of us the attraction of being a perfect match for the high school prom. Continue Reading…

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What you do with yourself when you’re bored

March 16, 2015
Game of chess

This is not an advice column which expressly tells you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. All it is is a motivation for keeping you away from boredom. There’s the old saying which has something to do with something unmentionable being evil and leading you astray when you’re idle. No matter who we are and even how strong we think we are, we are all prone to our sub-conscious vices which can spring to life unexpectedly when you least expect it and when you’re bored with your life. Continue Reading…

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Home is where the heart is

March 12, 2015
Heart shape gingerbread  cookies

Initially, I thought I was going to be challenged with the writing of this post, but in a positive frame of mind I thought, no, not at all. I expect to be wracking my brain a bit towards finding new and creative ways to talk about the theme of home and living. And, thanks to the style of this blog, words are allowed to flow naturally anyway. Personally speaking, I believe that most readers would prefer this anyway. Unless, of course, they’re following some or another niche area. Continue Reading…

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Shopping, selling, saving then shopping again

February 11, 2015
Attractive young girl looks and smiles through a shoulder, holdi

Shopping, selling, saving, and then shopping again. This serves to remind myself to keep a proper structure to the writing of this post and keep a check on what I have in mind to chat to you about today. Most of the writing, those who have read previous posts know this already, are written mainly from the point of view of one hapless New York city girl who, in the context of this post, let everything go somewhere unmentionable at some stage of her life. This could be familiar territory for some readers who may have experienced similar anxieties and/or traumas. It began just before the unedifying era of the prime lending crises and a world-wide credit crunch. Continue Reading…