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Taking up less space is both modern and sustainable

September 2, 2016

There was a time in my life when I could say that I just had too much of everything in my apartment. I now know that rephrasing that statement to; I had too much of things that I didn’t even need, from the kitchen, to the bathroom, the bedroom and the living room. If I had another room, I’d probably fill that one up too. My dream, though, was always to have that extra room, big enough to use as an all rounder, if you will. This would be my study, library, work-shop and entertainment area. Continue Reading…

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Eco-friendly hobbies worth developing

April 10, 2016
Da de la bicicleta

I’m setting myself a new challenge today. I’m thinking of my future. Some of you may recall that the writer of this post might be relocating to New Jersey. Because the viewing of the property happened so recently it’s still fresh in my mind.

Before I elaborate, let me explain why I think that this post may be a bit of a challenge. Even though I’m now a great advocate of environmentally-friendly lifestyles and sustainable means towards saving our environment, there are still lots for me to learn. And unfortunately, I do not yet practice what I now believe in. Continue Reading…

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When a leap of faith is needed

December 14, 2015
Human respecting and praying on sunset in the city background

I really feel compelled to write this post today. All I’m really going to be doing is sharing some thoughts on events leading up to the last few days in my life. It might be a difficult post to write, or perhaps the words will flow smoothly like a steam train’s smokestack with more than enough steam to carry it through at a gentle pace for a hundred miles or more. I say the post may be difficult to write because even at the best of times, I’m not the easiest girl to get along with and, depending on the friends or acquaintances I have around me, I do not share personal feelings easily. Continue Reading…

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The good habits of decent people

November 2, 2015
Woman drinking water after training

What defines decency, some of you might be asking? This in an era when many people, at least not many of us here, have become so obnoxious and downright rude. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no little old lady who tends to be a bit of a prude even on her best days.

I like to believe that I have values which, admittedly, are not easy to live by. I’m not offering this up as an excuse for my own shortcomings at this time, I’m simply saying that, given what we’re all up against these days, it’s not easy to be the woman you want to be and believe you should be. Continue Reading…

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Home is where the heart is

March 12, 2015
Heart shape gingerbread  cookies

Initially, I thought I was going to be challenged with the writing of this post, but in a positive frame of mind I thought, no, not at all. I expect to be wracking my brain a bit towards finding new and creative ways to talk about the theme of home and living. And, thanks to the style of this blog, words are allowed to flow naturally anyway. Personally speaking, I believe that most readers would prefer this anyway. Unless, of course, they’re following some or another niche area. Continue Reading…