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April 3, 2014
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It’s a tough ask for me to coax some of you towards starting up your own blog because at this stage I’m not privy to what interests you.

But, believe me; I’m well aware that many of you have your own hobbies that you don’t always have time to pursue. This is understandably due to the need to prioritize more time for work and putting in extra hours to pay the bills on time. Take me, for instance, I’ve done nothing but work this last year or so. I’m not complaining, just saying and fully acknowledge that I only have myself to blame.

One reason for blaming myself is that I know fully that I’ve not been the best of planners and organizers. Now, if you’re going to be successful with your hobby crafts, not necessarily in the money sense, you’ll need loads of organizing and planning and preparation anyway. This blog, by the way, is not entirely my own doing. We’ve got a team going here. I’m one of a few writers or content creators. We also have a content manager on board. She works in the city as a magazine editor.

So, she’s got all the experience and know-how to advise us accordingly and help with the planning of our blog diary. She gets rewarded for her tasks but it’s minimal in comparison to what she does during the day. This, she says, is one of her hobbies, so helping us out isn’t about the money. We’ve also got a traffic manager who pops in to her office every now and then or sends us updates on how much readers we’ve managed to attract. Previously, when I started all of this on my own, I had all the necessary enthusiasm that could turn this into a great hobby.

The thing about hobbies is this. Whether you’re doing dressmaking in your spare time or heading out to the Park or out of town to do bird-watching and take great pictures of the different species that you spot, you need to share these with others. What better way to do this than by creating your own multi-functional and multi-media blog. Think of the ancient world of stamp collectors. I remember from high school days how a few boys used to gather around and share their valuable mementos with each other.

Often being ridiculed as geeks by ignorant others who had limited interests which only went as far as football and big-breasted girls, these guys just quietly and solemnly got on with their hobby habit of collecting rare stamps and pasting it in their albums. I watched with admiration and noticed that they were onto something that went a lot further than simply pasting minute pieces of paper into a book. You can also compare this to a popular hobby doing the rounds of the hobby-centric blogosphere. Many of you should have heard of this by now. It’s called scrap-booking.

And it has one thing at least in common with stamp collections. Whether it’s personal, on a much broader scale culturally-speaking or confined to a specific niche, these two hobby habits have history in common. And when I think about it, it does have much in common with my own interest in art. There’s history in that too. And, of course, arranging stamps in a functional order, cataloguing them into relevant files and arranging them chronologically are an art on its own. So too, scrap-booking.

Hobbies also offer you great opportunities to be both versatile and original. Like our quirky rituals, hobbies can be perceived by others to be awkward, unusual and even downright silly by others, who remain, in the main, dullards in their own lives, plodding unimaginatively from one day to the next. Hobbies can even transcend generations. Here, I can easily use one of my old neighborhood friends as an example. At high school he would have also been classed as one of the school geeks by the ignorant jocks mentioned earlier. He’s the type of guy who camps overnight at the downtown cinemascope to snatch up his tickets for the premier of the next big chapter in the Star Wars saga. And because she loves the heroes too and is old enough to tag along, the guy’s daughter goes along for the adventurous ride.

In fact, he and his wife shared his nostalgic experience with us last Thanksgiving. I may as well tell you about it too. Sitting down with his twelve year old daughter in the cinema, his wife told us, brought this man to tears. While his daughter was enjoying the latest space adventure with her father, the father was reliving his past, thinking to himself how awesome it is to still hold an interest in things that kept him awake at night as a young boy. When gifts were handed to the child after the Thanksgiving dinner, the father looked longingly at the girl’s new toys. Well, there’s only so far a grown middle-aged father can and should go; says the convention of those who don’t care too much about hobbies.

But why not, I say. Why not keep your mind imaginative and youthful? What better way from keeping yourself ageing prematurely. Many of you may have witnessed this in others who suddenly aged rapidly after leaving work for the last time and heading off into the sunset for what should be their golden years. These folks aged too quickly, some of them even became ill and died, because they suddenly had nothing to do with their lives and there was nothing that could preoccupy their minds. Some said that they were too old to try new things. If you are one of those, that’s nonsense and I think, deep down, you know it too.

Anyway, it’s time go. I’ve really had a great time with this post. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I had in writing it up too.

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