For your own good; should you really do a 60 juice fast

June 6, 2017
Green Juice

Do you remember an earlier article we wrote for you on attempting a thirty day juice fast? It is still wracking our brains because the matter of fasting on juice for however many days, even just three days every few months, remains quite a contentious one at best. The main issue remains that of securing our health. Is going on a juice fast going to be safe for you? Never mind the questions for now, let’s try this one out for size. Okay, just one more question for you then. Just for your own good, ask yourself; should you really do a 60 juice fast. Continue Reading…


How skipping rope helps the shoulders and calves

December 11, 2016
woman jumping on a skipping rope in park

Skipping rope is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise ever. I’m promoting this versatile form of exercise which can be carried out at any time of the day and in any place. Let me show you how simple and effective this form of exercise is in surpassing a great many other familiar exercise techniques which haven’t been around for as long as the good old fashioned skipping rope has. Let me use personal memories to tell you why I believe skipping is beneficial both physiologically and emotionally. Let me tell you how skipping rope helps. Continue Reading…

into suitable, My Dailly Rituals

One woman’s historic rituals

October 29, 2016
People praying with buddha statue at Wat Worachet Tharam

Today, we take a fun-filled approach to rituals. We also compare it to the everyday matter of routine. We’re not about to preach to the converted but we found out some time ago that routine is both physically and emotionally good for you.

So, rest easy in the knowledge that you’re not ensconced in a boring, ritualistic life. And if you can relate to this right now, enjoy those moments while you still can and never feel insecure in the thought that something must change. Continue Reading…

Home and Living, into suitable

Taking up less space is both modern and sustainable

September 2, 2016

There was a time in my life when I could say that I just had too much of everything in my apartment. I now know that rephrasing that statement to; I had too much of things that I didn’t even need, from the kitchen, to the bathroom, the bedroom and the living room. If I had another room, I’d probably fill that one up too. My dream, though, was always to have that extra room, big enough to use as an all rounder, if you will. This would be my study, library, work-shop and entertainment area. Continue Reading…

Fitness, into suitable

This is not a fitness freaking post

August 22, 2016
Course pour la victoire

You’re not going to believe this but once upon a time, over ten years ago now, I took a crack at the New York City Marathon, and running on an injured Achilles with a shot of cortisone to curb the pain, I broke the three hour mark on my first attempt. The NY City Marathon is, globally, one of the biggest marathon events. Fanatical road runners from across the world, those that can, anyway, flock to this event to fulfil a yearly ritual. For me, though, it just happened to be a matter of convenience. Continue Reading…