This is one of those warm-hearted blog websites where you get to read and chat a bit about everything. Well, not quite everything because time and space does not always allow for this. For instance, most women are inundated with too much information that they become so overwhelmed that they easily give up on the page and move onto the next website or simply switch off and turn to something else of interest altogether. The thing about this blog, however, is that it offers a little something on just certain topics or themes of interest to this personal female blogger.

This is in the hope that her philosophical musings may find some report with enough readers who are interested in what she has to say and wouldn’t mind sharing their own thoughts in the Comments field provided for this. There’s also a cultural aspect attached to some of the posts going forward. Centered in and on the lives of most American women, there’s a need to realize and appreciate that while we are all so different from each other, we also have many things in common.

Take the matter of one of our first themes. We’ll be having a short chat about rituals. But rituals could mean different things to different women. For instance, some of you, me included, look forward to your weekly (nightly if its winter and its really cold) bathing ritual, while others might love to have a field day about family or religious rituals. Now, we’re not going to be going into any extensive detail on any of these sub-cultures but we are going to try and illicit new thoughts from one lady writer’s own personal musings on the subject at hand.

This goes for all the other topics she has in mind. She has her own interesting ideas on a hobby, not so much a necessity that most women still love. Hands up those of you who don’t like shopping. We were going to suggest something else, but why don’t you stay with us a little longer. Some of you might love travelling. We have some anecdotes to share with you about some famous American cities. This should be interesting for you if you’re not from the States.

We’ll have a chat or two about hobbies in general, mainly because what really touches my heartstrings might not be of value to someone else. We have a family centered approach to everything we say or do, but one thing we really value is friendship. What the world would be without it, one might ask. As human beings, we are, after all, social creatures. And if we don’t have the time and money to go hopping from one city to the next, we’ll be staying at home for a while.

Before we forget let’s also mention that there’s going to be an occasional chat about beauty and fitness. But bear this in mind, as we said earlier, we’re not about to produce a series of posts which are pretty much similar to what you’ve been reading up to now. It won’t be close to your favorite magazine topics either. The best that can be said for now, if this makes any sense to you at all; we aim to keep things on the personal side but without getting too personal.

Ok, so an explanation is needed. It is always our intention and style to share personal, philosophical thoughts on the topics mentioned above. We do not ever profess to be experts in any particular field, but occasionally, from a spark of inspiration or a newly discovered piece of information (or old news that we’ve re-discovered from our own archives) may be shared with you. We cannot instruct you directly. That is, if you are looking for advice on a particular area in your life that may coincidentally also be included in one of the topics here, we strongly recommend always that you seek the solace of professional or expert advice.

It might be a good idea to close this About Page with some thoughts on how it all started. Well, at some stage we were running out of ideas. We didn’t let this get to us elsewhere, so we continued with our work as best we could. If we weren’t around blogging, we were carrying on with life as usual, pretty much in the same way you might be doing right now. We were yearning to get back to our creative, not so much informational, work of blogging, but time, money and urgent commitments always kept us back. One of our contributors returned from a trip abroad, busy lady this one, and, inspiration flowing from all parts of her – she was positively glowing at one stage – suggested a list of topics we might consider pursuing. So, we work-shopped some creative ideas and set off to work, each in our own corner, and began drafting some writing cues.

Let’s reiterate with you the themes that will be covered as and when the inspiration arises to post them. They are listed in no particular order, but if you’re one of those who like to follow things closely, you may see an attempt at some sort of uniformity. So, as we say goodbye to you for now, hoping that you’ll visit us soon, here are those topics again;

Rituals, hobbies, beauty, fitness, American cities, friendship, shopping and home and living environments. Please enjoy your reading.