People praying with buddha statue at Wat Worachet Tharam

One woman’s historic rituals

Today, we take a fun-filled approach to rituals. We also compare it to the everyday matter of routine. We’re not about to preach to the converted but we found out some time ago that routine is both physically and emotionally good for you. So, rest easy in the knowledge that you’re not ensconced in a boring, ritualistic life. And if…

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Course pour la victoire

This is not a fitness freaking post

You’re not going to believe this but once upon a time, over ten years ago now, I took a crack at the New York City Marathon, and running on an injured Achilles with a shot of cortisone to curb the pain, I broke the three hour mark on my first attempt. The NY City Marathon is, globally, one of the…

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Bosa, Sardaigne

Three favorite cities

Straight to the point, I have three favorite US cities in mind to talk about today. It’s quite possible that I may spend more time on this in a later post, but let’s see first if that happens. As mentioned before, while we’re trying to get some form of structure going, we tend to be too spontaneous on the best…

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Da de la bicicleta

Eco-friendly hobbies worth developing

I’m setting myself a new challenge today. I’m thinking of my future. Some of you may recall that the writer of this post might be relocating to New Jersey. Because the viewing of the property happened so recently it’s still fresh in my mind. Before I elaborate, let me explain why I think that this post may be a bit…

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